OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter SUMMER, 1998

How to use the HISTORY SHEET

History Sheets can be a valuable asset to your database.

Create one history sheet per equipment. Reference it in the equipment record under "SUPP SHEET ID" and also in the history sheet field on the master schedule record.

If it is listed on the equipment record, it will print out with the equipment history report.

If you want to print the history sheet with an active work order that already has a checklist, in the form of a SUPP SHEET, attach the history sheet as a continuation as follows:

-For regular SUPPLEMENTAL SHEETS, put CONTINUED: history sheet name on line 54 of the text processor file.


-For REFERENCE SHEETS put CONTINUED: history sheet name at the end of the text processor file.



BackUp - BackUp - BackUp ... We'll say it one more time ... Don't Forget to do a BackUp!

Think of back-up as Preventive Maintenance for your data files. Here are some helpful hints for creating that data safety net we call BACKUP:

  • Keep several sets of BackUp disks and alternate their use; Perhaps five different sets, one for each day of the week. That way you will always have data five days back. Alternate by day and once a month retain one set.
  • Keep a good log of backups.
  • Backup before you produce PM Work Orders from the Master Schedule.
  • Backup after you complete a batch of Work Orders.
  • Periodically, do a backup to new diskettes and store them offsite.
  • Remind yourself to Backup by creating a PM Master Schedule that prints out with your regular PM Work Orders. This could be used as your weekly backup log.
Remember - BackUp ... You will have less downtime for your system ... You will have little or no data re-entry.

AD-HOC Reports & Screens

Allows you to Create your own reports with the OOPS! CUSTOM REPORTS MODULE ... you can build a whole collection of customized reports showing the information you want, the way you want it to appear.

Here is the latest from the design tech experts...

This report allows you to query all instructions and remarks for any word or phrase. (in this example we have used the word "fire" as the special condition to query for)

Create a report using the Work Order History File. Give the Report the following title, "Allows you to query instructions and remarks". Select the fields you want to display. Enter the special conditions as:

ir eq "*fire*"

Enter the following statement on the Special Instructions line

macro ir instr1+instr2+instr3+rem1+rem2

Run the report. It will generate a report with all the work orders that have the word "fire" in the instructions or remarks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Technical Support Group to assist you with the set up. OOPS! is flexible. If you need information that is in the database we can help you create the report you want.


Summer begins June 20, 1998 ... time is quickly running out for our Limited Time Springtime Network Sale.

Act now and you can still receive the following discounts off of our standard $500 network user license price.

Add 1 User @ $400 (SAVE $100)
Add 2 Users @ $750 (SAVE $250)
Add 3 Users @ $1,000 (SAVE $500)

For details on ordering additional users call the OOPS! sales office today 800-852-8075.


Who needs a tan when you can become an OOPS! expert this summer in 3 fun-filled days at OOPS! U, Pittsburgh, PA. Enjoy the luxury of the Embassy Suites Hotel Pittsburgh Airport while our Training Staff feeds you from the fountain of OOPS! knowledge.

The three-day July class is limited and the space is already filling up. If you want to get into this class you will have to act fast. Call Wendy to get more information or to reserve your spot. You will come away with the tools you need to tweak your OOPS! data. Who needs a tan when you can have so much more!

Oz. of Prevention System

We are transforming the Power of OOPS! to bring you the solutions for the new millennium. It makes sense to always have the right tools for maintenance.

Our MISSION has always been to provide our users with the very best solutions for mission critical Work Order and related processes. The OOPS! system has been a solid leading CMMS since 1987. We have aimed to provide a first class maintenance management software system which will handle your maintenance tasks quickly, efficiently, and accurately with power and flexibility at your command. As the saying goes ... An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Maintenance is the heartbeat of an organization. Work Order and related processes are mission-critical applications. We believe mission-critical to be any work you do - anywhere you do it. Without fully functional equipment producing products, quality and profitability would be next to impossible...hence, the need for the right tools.

When it comes to choosing technology for mission-critical environments, we place our confidence in IBM's OS/2 Warp and WorkSpace On-Demand with DB2 Databases. IBM offers cutting edge products that will ease your migration into the next century and the demands that will come along with it.

Oz (Oz. of Prevention System) the all-new 21st century evolution of our top-rated "Ounce of Prevention System" for DOS is ready for beta testing. We are still accepting beta testers. Send us a fax, e-mail, or give us a call if you are interested.You say you don't have access to the internet, but want to stay informed of our progress and discover how this ozsome product can unleash the power of your maintenance management computing; call our sales office at 800-852-8075.

Oz (Oz. of Prevention System)

Technical Data - System Requirements: Oz is an object-oriented, multitasking system which has a graphical-user interface and can be 100% speech-activated.

Oz system requirements:

  • 586 PC equivalent or greater
  • 166 MHz minimum - 200+ MHz suggested
  • 64Mb memory minimum - 128Mb memory suggested
  • 20Mb disk space for program, more for data
  • IBM OS/2 Warp 4 or WorkSpace On-Demand
  • IBM DB2 version 2.1 or DB2 Universal Database
  • IBM Object REXX as the default REXX
> (Note: Object REXX comes free with WARP, but must be set to the default REXX with a "SWITCHRX" command)

The following are suggested to take full advantage of Oz capabilities:

  • Voice-Type Dictation
  • Sound Card
  • Multimedia

Designed for: 800 x 600 x 65K Resolution

DB2 controls the number of network users. Oz is both single user and network capable. Oz will not require additional separate licensing for multiple users.

Oz takes full advantage of the DB2 security features.

The combination of OS/2 and DB2 proved itself at the recent Winter Olympics at Nagano, Japan. IBM used this combination of superior data management tools to provide Olympic Information to athletes, reporters and individuals all over the world.

The best choice for the Olympics is also the best choice for your Maintenance Management Team!

Our research indicates the following world-wide industry leaders also rely on IBM's OS/2:

Mercedes Benz, Germany/Chrysler/USA
Ralston Purina, USA
US Navy
Banks (all over the world)

In case you haven't noticed, Microsoft has been in the news lately. Although "Windows xx" continues to be widely used, some of the articles have been pointing to conflicts in its value. Are you leaping with the lemmings, or are you ready for something better, more reliable, more stable? Oz, running on OS2 Warp or WorkSpace on Demand is the CMMS for people who are willing to decide for themselves to make an informed choice instead of following the herd.

Lots of folks have switched to OS/2. Check out this webpage:


The above has been provided to assist you with any upcoming future planning.