OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Spring, 1998

BackUp - BackUp - BackUp - BackUp!

Preventive Maintenance is all about scheduled time to insure the smooth operation of your facility. Your CMMS is a key factor in your plan of action. Implement an OOPS! System plan of action for backing up your data files before your computer rebels.

The OOPS! Technical Support Group is here to help. We can review your current back-up procedures to give you that added feeling of assurance that your data is being properly backed up in the event of an emergency.

You should be using pkzip to back up your data. If not, call to have OOPS! Technical Support review your batch file to be sure your data is backing up correctly.

Think of this as Preventive Maintenance for your data files. Here are some helpful hints for creating that data safety net we call BACKUP:

    Keep several sets of backup disks and alternate their use. Perhaps five different sets, one for each day of the week. That way you'll always have data five days back. Alternate by day and once a month retain one set.

    Keep a good log of backups.

    Backup before you produce PM Work Orders from the Master Schedule.

    Backup after you complete a batch of Work Orders.

    Periodically, do a backup to new diskettes and store them offsite.

    Remind yourself to backup by creating a PM Master Schedule that prints out with your regular PM Work Orders. This could be used as your weekly back-up log.

Remember - BackUp ... You'll have less downtime for your system ... You'll have little or no data re-entry.

Make March BackUp Awareness Month. Call OOPS! Tech Support to schedule a time to review your backup.

Wow - 72,800+ Standard Reports

Those good ol' Standard Reports. Have you tried them lately?

Information is one of your best tools to managing your Department effectively. The OOPS! Standard Reports Menu provides a variety of options.

    The amount of detail
    The time frame
    The sorting order
    The selection criteria
Completed Work Order Reports are a great resource for determining your parts usage (run Completed WO report #6), or labor time (run Completed WO report #8).

The Forecast reports are a great way to plan ahead. And let's not forget the ever popular Backlog Report -
Is the work getting done?

Still looking for more? Try creating an Ad-Hoc Report.

Need help? Need training? Call OOPS! Technical Support - they'll be happy to assist you and/or suggest the OOPS! University class that's right for you.


OOPS! version 4.0 is Year 2000 compatible. For details on compliance, visit our website and go to Product Information.


Make your OOPS! system Great in '98.

There's no substitute for hands on experience. OOPS! University 1998 schedules are now available.

Your input over the last two years has helped us to restructure our OOPS! University classes. We feel this year's sessions will provide an excellent opportunity for you, not only to implement a new system but also for you to become truly an OOPS! Expert.

The classroom format and materials have all been redesigned. In-class discussions and hands-on exercises will help reinforce the topics presented. You'll leave with valuable reference materials that you can refer to time and time again.

Pricing has been revised to offer a discount to users registering who have active Technical Support Contracts.

Classes and class sizes are limited in 1998. Watch your fax machine for schedules and registration information. If you haven't received the schedules yet, or if you want to discuss which class is right for you, call OOPS! Technical Support at 412-367-6161.

If you can't make the class, remember, we can also customize on-site classes to meet your specific needs.

Technical Support Renewal notices are mailed the beginning of the month in which the contract expires. All Technical Support contracts expire at the end of the month. If you allow your support to lapse, there will be a $50 charge to reinstate it. If you missed upgrades because your support lapsed and you wish to be brought current, you will be charged a fee of $1,000.00.


You've come to rely on the power of sharing OOPS! data. Now is the time to expand your network access. Empower your whole team; save time and money.

Act now and receive the following discounts off our standard $500 network user license price.

    Add 1 User - $400 (SAVE $100 off list)
    Add 2 Users - $750 (SAVE $250 off list)
    Add 3 Users - $1,000 (Buy 2 get the 3rd FREE!)

For details on ordering additional users, call the OOPS! sales office today 800-852-8075.

Don't wait - this is a limited Springtime Sale.

Oz. - as in OZsome! will be second to none.
Our development team continues to make great strides on our all new, truly object-oriented, voice-activated CMMS (codename: Oz.)

With Oz. you'll get the same high quality you've gotten used to in OOPS! with a new user-friendly interface, more flexibility, more power and much, much more.

We are dedicated to providing our users with the very best through the combination of superior quality and flexibility.

Visit our website @ http://www.oops-web.com. Go to our links page and register for Netminder. That way any time we update the page with new Oz. screen shots you'll receive an e-mail alerting you to visit again.

My Uncle Bill . . .

This is a story about my Uncle Bill. When I was growing up, Uncle Bill bought a '53 Chevy, and he loved that car and took good care of it, and it never failed him. His neighbor, Joe, bought a new car every year, and would always say "get with the latest and greatest, Bill. You've got to change with the times." But Uncle Bill would say "This car works, why should I replace it. He had a good relationship with the garage where he got the car serviced. He would take it in for routine check-ups, change the oil, belts, fluids. Joe always had the latest model, the "in" color, the newest "doodads", fins, stripes, chrome, you name it, if it was new he had to have it. Some of the cars Joe bought turned out to be "lemons." We all know what that means. Always breaking down, always in the repair shop, always costing money. Uncle Bill had his '53 Chevy for a long, long time. It never gave him any headaches, never broke down, never left him stranded and he was actually able to save some money so when that car finally retired, he didn't have to borrow to buy a replacement. I think Software's a lot like cars. Some folks are like my Uncle Bill and some folks are like Joe.
    John J. Urbaniak,
    Ounce of Prevention Software