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SCOOPS! Newsletter Holiday, 1997


Unscheduled repetitive Work Orders:

Do you get tired of entering corrective maintenance work orders for those jobs that don't follow a schedule? Something like changing a light bulb or perhaps contract work on a piece of equipment. You need to generate a work order, but it is something that just can't be scheduled.

OOPS! solution:

Quick One-Time Schedule Basis records set up in the PM Master Schedule as O-basis jobs.

Create a PM schedule record with an O schedule basis. When the light bulb goes out or the contractor comes in, go to the Work Order screen, press Alt F5. You will get a "pop-up" list of one-time repetitive work orders to choose from. Highlight the one you want and press enter. The work order is copied into the work order screen from the PM schedule record you previously created.

History Sheets:

Have you ever wondered "What is the History Sheet on the Work Order Screen? If you have a major breakdown the two lines of remarks may not give you enough writing space. Use the history sheet instead. Create a reference/history sheet for that piece of equipment and put in the details of the breakdown and repair. We suggest entering the date of the repair and an outline of the work performed.

For example:

      Electrical repair
        Fixed . . .
    Mechanical repair
      Fixed . . .

Using an outline format will enable you to use Doctor OOPS! to create Troubleshooting Guides from the data. Our Doctor OOPS! optional module is a great tool to take your maintenance management to the next level of quality. Call for more details.

Customized Work Order Printing:

From time to time you may have a need to change the printing options on just one work order. Here are some samples.

Type L!E!M!C! in the last "custom item" field on an individual Work Order. Labor, Parts, Tools, and Custom Items for this particular Work Order will be printed even if you have previously set up the default WO Customization for NO PRINT of these options. (The ! allows the printing of the items indicated L=Labor, E=Equipment/Tools, M=Materials/Parts, C=Custom)

Type L#E#M#C# in the last "custom item" field on an individual Work Order. Labor, Parts, Tools and Custom Items for this particular Work Order will NOT be printed even though you had previously set up the defaults WO Customization to PRINT these options. (The # suppresses the printing of the items indicated)

Any combination of these characters can be used to have your one-time work order printed the way you want it printed.

IF YOU HAVE ANY INNOVATIVE WAYS YOU USE OOPS! that you think others might benefit from, fax us a note at 412-364-9088. We'd love to hear from you, and if we highlight your entry in SCOOPS!, on our web page or in our training classes, there just might be something in it for you.


While reading through a recent maintenance publication, I came across an article which made reference to the fact that data management tools cannot "sift through a database and conclude, in a neat one-page report, that a technician needs to change the belt on a compressor or replace a repair person because he has too many call backs". These are symptoms of Predictive Maintenance. Sounds like a case for Doctor OOPS!

Because it is integrated with OOPS! and can use existing data, Doctor OOPS! is a better choice for predictive maintenance than a separate system. Because it interfaces with OOPS!, Doctor OOPS! provides an excellent way to read and act on equipment monitoring data. Because you can use the OOPS! Custom Report Writer, you can have all of your supplementary information in Doctor OOPS! files.

Doctor OOPS! serves as a custom programming utility. You can write your own programs or have our Technical Support do it for you. We have lots of experience importing data in dBase and ASCII formats.

OOPS! University Advanced Class is a great place to gather all the tools you need to be your own programmer!


There is no substitute for hands on experience. Make a New Year's resolution to attend an OOPS! U class. The 1998 schedules will be available early in February. A discount will be offered for users registering who have active Technical Support Contracts. Here's your chance to take your Maintenance Management to its next level of quality.

For a group of 4 or more we will also quote on-site classes.

Mark your calendar now (FEB 10, 1998) to call for class schedules and registration form.

Oz - as in OZsome!

As you may or may not know, we have been working on a truly object-oriented CMMS (codename: Oz) for some time, and . . . IT'S ALMOST DONE! Oz retains the simplicity, power and flexibility you have come to depend on, while utilizing the powerful graphical interface you have been asking for. Oz does all that OOPS! does, plus a whole lot more. Look under Corporate Direction on our web page for a behind the scenes look at "Oz!"