OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Summer, 1997

Top 10 Reasons to keep your Support Current

    10. Entitles you to free issues of SCOOPS!
    9. Allows you to make suggestions and have input into changes on OOPS!® future upgrades.
    8. Provides you the opportunity to share your OOPS!® success stories with other users in issues of SCOOPS!
    7. Entitles you to be a beta tester.
    6. Entitles you to a discount on Oz, our OS/2 CMMS. (Oz is currently scheduled for beta release in late Summer 1997).
    5. Entitles you to discounts on items purchased from the OOPS!® Store.
    4. Entitles you to discounts on OOPS!® World.
    3. Ensures that you receive upgrades and enhancements to the DOS system.
    2. Enables our development team to make enhancements to the system.
    1. Ensures you fastest response/guarantees support personnel availability


What is the Custom Menu on the Master Menu of OOPS!® 4.0?

It gives you a quick easy way to run existing custom reports or Doctor OOPS!® programs. Any OPEN box can be used. To set up:
    1. Go to the Custom Menu screen
    2. Press Ctrl F9
    3. Follow the help screens
It's easy to set up and change. Read more about this in the 4.0 version release notes, page 5.

Are you tired of changing the date ranges on your custom reports?

Under OOPS!® 4.0 you can take out the date ranges on the special conditions line and substitute it with COMP_RANGE for completion date ranges or SCHED_RANGE for schedule date ranges. COMP_RANGE is available for reports running off of the completed work order file. SCHED_RANGE is available for the PM Master Schedule file, Active Work Order file, and Completed Work Order file.

Here's an example -

If your special condition was:
EQUIPNUM EQ "A100" and COMPDAT GE "97-06-01" and COMPDAT LE "97-06-12"

You simply change this to:

When the report is executed OOPS!® will prompt you for starting and ending dates just like our standard reports do.

IF YOU HAVE ANY GREAT IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS FOR US, fax them to OOPS!® Technical Support at 412-364-9088. We'd love to put them in SCOOPS! and maybe even use them as samples in our training classes.


Time flies when you're having fun. There is only one more OOPS!® University session left for 1997. October 27, 28, and 29. The cutoff date for making reservations is October 10, 1997. We have a limited number of seats available, so call today for a registration form.


All systems are shipped with both the single user and network versions on the disks. If you've ever wished and wondered about adding users to access OOPS!® data to help streamline your workflow, wonder no more. Here is some information about networking the OOPS!® software.


Hardware Network Requirements:

You need network cards/adapters in each machine and cable to link the cards/computers together. You need to consider the length of the connections and any physical barriers. Thin, coaxial Ethernet cable limits the network to a length of 3,035 feet of cable (including repeaters). However, you can use a bridge or a hub to extend beyond this limitation. Network cards are installed in each machine, they then link up to the cable which then routes to the next machine. Usually there are computer companies that install the network adapters and hook up the cable and test the network for you. This is useful in case you run into problems, you can always use them as a resource.

Network Software Requirements:

In addition to having the network version of OOPS!® you must have network operating software. Network operating system software allows the linked computers to communicate with each other. This allows users to share data, programs and usually printers. There are numerous network operating systems to choose from depending on your setup.

OOPS!® will run on client-server and peer-to-peer networks. They must be BIOS compatible.

All data files are shared; however, OOPS!® provides record locking which allows users to access the same file but not the same record simultaneously.

To expand to a network version from an existing single user system you simply issue a PO for the one network user @ $500, plus $500 for each additional concurrent user.
... example ... a 3 user network expansion is $1,500.

*Upon receipt of PO payment, someone from our Technical Support Staff will contact you to unlock the network parameters and authorize the users.


Our new OS/2 CMMS system (codename: Oz) is under development as you read this SCOOPS! issue. Imagine being able to talk to your computer like Captain Kirk or Scotty! This new product will to be fully voice activated, will have a graphical user interface (GUI) and will utilize the power, speed, and stability of the OS/2 operating system. This CMMS package will have true multi-tasking capabilities. At last there's a product you can use to do the work of more than one person. Enter work orders, while your monthly reports are running or printing and analyze your inventory while producing your PM work orders. These are just a few of the examples of how you can further streamline your workflow.

Late this summer, this OS/2 product will to be ready for beta testing. If you would like to participate as a beta testor, please drop us a note. (Fax 412-364-9088)

In the meantime, help us pick a name for our new CMMS product. E-mail (glvenes@ibm.net) or Fax (412-364-9088) your suggestions to our development office. If we use your suggestion, you will be entitled to $20.00 worth of merchandise from the OOPS!® Store located at http://www.oobs-web.com

Oz will be upwardly compatible with our DOS CMMS, OOPS!® It will require separate licensing from OOPS!, but discounts will be offered to current OOPS!® users interested in migrating to this new system. There will be a migration path for users of OOPS!® so that current data will not be lost.