OZ/OOPS! Newsletter


E-mail and OOPS!

Do you have E-mail set up in your plant? You might want to send your OOPS! report via e-mail to the other managers. Instead of printing the report, choose the option to Export Report to Disk File. This will export the entire report as it would appear on paper. Save the report in your OOPS! directory. Create the e-mail and attach the report. Wow! what a fast, quick, and easy way to communicate and save a tree at the same time.

SCOOPS! Newsletter Fall, 1997

Saving Keystrokes, Saving Time!

1. Customize the action of the F1 Lookup. If you find you need assistance, call OOPS! Tech Support at (412) 367-6161.

Here are some examples which could save keystrokes and time.

The F1 Lookup on the Work Order Equipment field can be customized to bring over other fields from the Equipment file and automatically enter them on the work order.

The F1 Lookup on a field on the Work Order screen can be customized to automatically update the meter reading in the equipment file during work order completion.

2. Set up FUNCTION KEYS. (Function Keys are setup for each data entry screen under Special Features, Function Keys)

Here are some data entry quick keys you might want to set up which will eliminate the need to press "Enter, Escape, the option Letter". You use one keystroke instead of three.

Use when performing a find operation after
entering the values to search for.
Use when adding records.
Use when exiting the screen. It takes you
to the report screen that follows most data
entry screens.
Use when exiting the screen. Returns to
the last menu you executed.
Produces a pop-up list of all the records in
the file, a quick and easy way to search.