OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Fall, 1996

Meeting your QS9000 Standards . . . Suggestions from OOPS!®

Many of our clients are going through the QS9000 audit.

One of the biggest items of concern seems to be a Form Number on Work Orders.

You can use the OOPS!® custom items to print out a form number on the Work Order. This can be preloaded from the PM Master Schedule and also loaded from the Work Order screen using the F1-Lookup. You can take this a step further and use another custom item for the date of the form. Contact OOPS!® Technical Support for more information on this feature.

Also, remember that you can search any field in Work Order History through:

    * Data Files, Work Order History Inquiry

    * Equipment History, On-Screen History Inquiry

You can report on Completed Work Orders through:

    * Reports -- Completed Work Order Reports or Cost Reports

    * Equipment History -- Specific or All Equipment numbers

    * Equipment History -- Individual or All Systems

    * Ad-hoc Reports, Custom Reports

Custom Reporting Hints . . .

Have you seen the new fields for printing instructions and remarks?

In the F1 pop-up screen for Fields to Display you can now pick:

    All three (3) lines of instructions (INSTRUCS)
    Both Lines of remarks (REMARKS)
    All instructions and remarks (INSTREM)

This allows you to print the lines without having them wrap around on your printed page.

Call OOPS!® Technical Support if you have questions or need assistance.

YEAR 2000

OOPS!® Version 4.0 is fully compliant with all Year 2000 issues. If you haven't already upgraded to Version 4.0, it's not too late. Keeping your Support Agreement current insures that you receive all upgrades free of charge.

Helpful Hints from OOPS!® Users

From Frank Landis @ Colorado Cogen Operators. . .

Put the word "NEED" in the Remarks field when closing out a Work Order, if there is some detail that needs to be done, but is not critical enough to keep the Work Order open.

For example:


Then later you can run an Ad-hoc Report on completed Work Orders looking for all the "NEED" remarks by putting in a Special Condition of REM1 EQ "*NEED*" OR REM2 EQ "*NEED*."

The Special Condition will give you a list of all work that still needs to be done, but does not have an open Work Order.

From Dennis Wall@ Iroquois Foundry . . .

Need to give the report to higher management with an explanation of the numbers?

Instead of printing it out and then typing up a separate report, choose the EXPORT REPORT TO DISK FILE.

Save it to your OOPS!® directory with a .REF extension. For example, save it as C:\OOPS\DOWNTIME.REF This tells OOPS!® it is a reference file that you can edit with the OOPS!® text editor.

Go to Data Files, Supplemental Sheets, and edit the file. Just type in R: and press F1 and pick it from the list . . . or just type in R:DOWNTIME and press enter. Add any necessary remarks to it and print it out!