OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Spring, 1995

OPS!® University Update

The OOPS!® University training classes are underway. We are in our new facility at the Sheraton Hotel in Station Square, just across the river from downtown Pittsburgh. OOPS!® U offers Intermediate Skills, Advanced Skills and Dr. OOPS!® courses throughout the summer and fall. Class sizes are limited to ten students and each person has a computer on which to work. And work you will! These are intensive hands-on classes designed to get you 'up-to-speed' on the use of OOPS!® in the most efficient possible manner.

Have you ever attended a training course where the instructors did not seem to really know the product? Not here! OOPS!® U classes are written and taught by OOPS!® Technical Support Specialists. These people know the mistakes OOPS!® Users make and can teach you how to avoid them! Several of our recent graduates have said that this is the most worthwhile training course they have ever attended.

If you have been thinking about training, now is the time to act. Need a training schedule, a registration form or just more information? Call (412) 367-6161. Fax your registration form to (412) 364-9088 today to be sure to get the dates you want.


Don't tell anyone, but we hear from reliable sources that the OOPS!® upgrade will be released late this summer. Those of you who have valid Priority Support Agreements will, of course, receive FREE upgrades, and you will also be the first to GET the upgrade. The offical word is that there is no release date scheduled and that's all we will be able to tell you if you call, so save your nickel.

Sneak peaks at the release notes for OOPS!® Version 4.0 reveal some interesting innovations. How about Instructions and Remarks on Custom Reports, totals-only Custom Reports, multiple printer configurations, improved error handling, single item purchasing and system preference settings, to name a few? We also hear that the new version is more network friendly.

Watch your mail for more news about the upgrade in the next few months - AND start working on your boss now to let you go to OOPS!® World, the OOPS!® User's Conference, where you can learn all about the new features.

Tech Tips

Suppose you have a machine scheduled for a PM next week, but you have a breakdown on the machine today. To force the PM to come out early, follow this procedure: Find the PM record in the Master Schedule file. Change the Schedule Basis (usually, S,P or H) to N for "Now". Produce PM WOs, but only for N basis. The PM in question should be the only one to generate. Print it and complete it as normal. FInally, go back into the Schedule file and reset the Schedule Basis to what it was before to reset the Schedule Date to when the job should come out next.