OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Summer, 1994


David Bland of Valley Proteins in Emporia, Va came up with a great idea to increase his company's productivity. Valley Proteins uses OOPS!® at eight locations; they are connected to one another and to OOPS!® Tech Support via PCAnywhere and modems. David uses a fax/modem. This device and fax/modem software allow regular data exchange through the modem as well as the capability to send and receive faxes.

David decided to chain together his photocopier, fax machine and fax-modem to create a scanner from existing office equipment. Now he photocopies pages from his equipment repair manuals and uses his fax machine to send them to his fax/modem. He has fax-modem software that allows him to save faxes, in PCX format or to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to save them as ASCII files. David can now produce either PCX images or text-based Reference files for OOPS!®.

When asked how he came up with this idea, he responded, "I've wanted to try this for a long time - it (the data) is all just electricity so I figured it ought to work." When complimented him on the ingenuity and the cost efficacy of his set-up, he added, "I'm not just another pretty face!"

For his cleverness and creativity David will receive a check for $10,000,000.00, a six week cruise to Bermuda OR an OOPS!® T-shirt.

Technical Tip

A lot of OOPS!® users don't realize that you can search on ANY field. Just go to the field you want, type in the value, press the Enter key, the Escape key and F (for find).