OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Spring, 1993

Hints for OOPS!®

If you install the security system, DO NOT delete all of the users to try to de-activate security. This will only make OOPS!® entry-proof as no one is a valid user! Call or fax Tech support for help if you wish to remove security.

Whenever possible, use REFerence files instead of supplement sheets. References take less disk space and memory and are more flexible than supplement sheets. For more information on REFs, see the OOPS!® manual.

Technical Tip:

If your F1 key field searches are acting like lookup tables (you press F1 to find a "part" and OOPS!® asks you if you want to add it), someone pressed F1 on that field. It is not a big problem. Just get in touch with Tech support and they will help you fix it.