OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Summer, 1992

Cogeneration Plant Finds Answers with OOPS!®

What do tomatoes and power plants have in common? Normally not much, unless you are talking about Colorado Power Partners in Brush, Colorado. 170,000 tomato plants rely on the facility's waste heat to keep the greenhouse at an ideal growing temperature of 75 degrees year round. The complex runs a combined cycle cogeneration system.

From the planning stages in 1988 to the beginning of commercial operation in 1990 efficiency and economy have been top priorities of CPP. Savings were realized when used equipment was purchased and completely rebuilt. Operating used and rebuilt equipment makes a sound preventive maintenance program essential. Frank Landis, Assistant Plant Manager at CPP, chose OOPS!® to help keep track of routine and on-demand repairs. OOPS!® helps him keep things running smoothly; he schedules outage work and plant improvements as well as preventive maintenance tasks for all pumps, motors, instrumentation, fans, etc.

Landis uses the extensive reporting capability in OOPS!® to determine employee performance, balance workloads and decide on the scope of outage work. He says "OOPS! has performed better than he expected . . . the flexible searching procedures and customizable nomenclature have made training easier for his supervisors" and he calls OOPS!® support "exceptional."

Colorado Power plans to double the size of the greenhouse and increase power plant production, and keeping the maintenance work under control will be an even bigger job. Landis intends to expand the scope of his computerized maintenance management to include Doctor OOPS!® Ounce of Prevention's troubleshooting and programming module. Doctor OOPS!® will allow him to gather maintenance expertise and diagrams and compile them into an easy-to-use troubleshooting guide. When an equipment malfunction symptom is selected from a list, OOPS!® will automatically print out a work order with trouble specs and diagrams for the maintenance staff. The programming capability in Doctor OOPS!® will allow for additional database creation, customized bar coding and unlimited potential for data swapping with other computer systems.

Efficiency is the keyword at Colorado Power Partners.Ounce of Prevention Systems is confident that OOPS!®, Doctor OOPS!® and OOPS!® outstanding support will help them reach their goal!

Technical Tip:

Do you have a few Work Orders for which you want to override the standard printing options? For example, suppose you have eliminated the Special Equipment/Tools Section, but you want to print this section on a few WOs. Use the fourth WO custom field as follows:

    L! - print, L# - don't print labor section
    M! - print, M# - don't print materials section
    C! - print, C# - don't print Custom Fields
    E! - print, E# - don't print Equipment/Tools section