OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Holiday Issue, 1991


    Tom Malfara, Maintenance Manager
    Chesapeake Display & Packaging
    West Des Moines, IA

Chesapeake Display and Packaging is a manufacturer of corrugated point of purchase displays, used in grocery stores for the display of merchandise. Tom is in charge of maintaining the facility, as well as the manufacturing equipment, which includes printing presses, die cutters and folders.

The major use for OOPS!® at Chesapeake is for preventive maintenance work orders. Tom is currently developing an Operational Maintenance Program which trains the machine operators to maintain their own equipment. "Instead of taking a machine down for two or three hours, we want to train the operators to do small tasks in five to 10 minute windows of time," says Malfara. To help with this program, he may purchase a scanner to bring in drawings for use on the OOPS!® supplement sheets. (Editor's Note: Doctor OOPS!® could be very helpful in this area too!)

Tom says "Because of the emphasis on PM work orders, breakdowns are minimal . . . OOPS! gives us the documentation we need to verify that the work is being done."

Efficiency is the keyword at Colorado Power Partners. Ounce of Prevention Systems is confident that OOPS!®, Doctor OOPS!® and OOPS!® outstanding support will help them reach their goal!

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