OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Summer, 1991


    - There was a storm and the power went out . . .
    - The power was off over the weekend . . .
    - Someone tripped over my power cord . . .
    - Someone was using my machine and now my data is gone . . . !

These are some of the things we hear from people who call to find out if there is a way to retrieve their lost data. And, the first thing we ask is "When was the last back-up done?" Data can usually be recovered to the last backup and backing-up is easy in OOPS!® OOPS!® has a built-in back-up procedure, but only you can make it work.

How often should you back-up? Let's put it another way

- How much work are you willing to redo if, for whatever reason, you lose your data?

Some of you might point out that you have a lot of data and backing it up would be very time consuming. Soooooo, how much time would it take to duplicate all of that data? You, with lots of data, might also consider getting a Bernoulli Box. This would make backing up quick and easy. However you decide to back-up, do it often, at the very least, once a week, and its not a bad idea to back up to two sets of disks rather than back-up to the same disks all the time. Using this method you would back-up to the first set one time and the next time you back-up you would back-up to the second set. This way if you have a problem with the disks, you still have a back-up copy. You might even consider putting "back-up" on your schedule for once a week and printing yourself a work order. Make backing up a habit before you lose your data.


George Walters, Maintenance Manager for Steel Technologies, Inc., a Louisville, KY based steel processing company says OOPS contributed to Steel Technologies recently being honored with the General Motors Mark of Excellence award for suppliers. OOPS!® is currently used at four Steel Technologies facilities.

During their appraisal, the GM team was impressed by how well the OOPS!® software worked and with the user's attitude toward the system - ". . . very positive", said Rex Elser, Manager of Quality Assurance.

Walters built his system so well, General Motors sat up and took notice. He started with his important equipment, entering specs, spare parts and work schedules. Pop-up windows allowed him to build his data "on-the-fly."

Ounce of Prevention Systems is proud to be a part of Steel Technologies' quest for excellence. Congratulations!