OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Fall, 1991

What is a Troubleshooting and Diagnostic System?

Simply put, it is a system that gives you the ability to build a "technical reference file" on your computer using the knowledge and expertise of your trained expert personnel, past history and manuals.

Imagine how great it would be to be able to identify what is wrong with your equipment with just the push of a button and have a work order print out with detailed instructions on how to fix the problem, even showing diagrams and drawings. This is the capability you get with Doctor OOPS!®, Ounce of Preventions Systems' new Troubleshooting and Diagnostic System.

What are the advantages of having a troubleshooting system?

    1. The expert INFORMATION you need will be READILY AVAILABLE, even if your senior personnel are on vacation, ill or ready to retire.

    2. The information you need can be EASILY ACCESSED by anyone who needs it and will also be available for training purposes.

    3. The information you need will be available QUICKLY and will save you valuable down time.

    4. A troubleshooting and disgnostic system will save you money.


Dave Tippett of American Frozen Foods, Inc., Stratford, CT called recently, not with a support question, but with an interesting story. It seems Dave's supplier of bearings called him and asked who else he was buying bearings from? Dave assured this supplier he was only dealing with him. "Come on." said the supplier, "I've checked my sales reports and you usually spend around $7,000 a year for bearings. Last year, you only spent $4,500. Who else are you buying your bearings from?" It just happens that Dave had been using OOPS!® for a little more than a year.

As you can see, the OOPS!® software has almost paid for itself in one year by reducing the cost of bearings alone! These were the kinds of savings we promised you when you first started looking at OOPS!® Thanks, Dave, for sharing your tale. We're happy to know Dave and his company are realizing the tremendous cost advantages of OOPS!®

Technical Tip:

If you have more than five parts on a completed work order, bring up the work order by number; Enter completion data as usual, but on the second line of remarks, type "(partial)." This will create a second page of the work order for more parts, more workers, more remarks, etc.