OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Holiday, 2003


If you are one of those users who is using OOPS/Oz only to track inventory, it might interest you to know that merely having a work order, spurs you on to complete the work! We have found that generating work orders actually has some kind of psychological effect on people and all of those jobs that you have on hold, thinking "someday I'll get around to it" have a better chance of getting completed if you have a work order staring you in the face. Maybe it is something about seeing them in the backlog or maybe it is just a step toward getting more organized - you know you have all of these jobs to complete, but there was never any rhyme or reason. So take the plunge, make work orders for those one time jobs and while you're at it, start scheduling some PMs too! You have to start somewhere, sometime, if you ever want to get things done . . . and, just think of all of the reports you can get once you have some work order data.

Tracking Negligence One of our newest users, Jeff Abplanalp, said he wanted to track work done due to (for lack of a better word) 'negligence'. That is, those jobs that actually could have been avoided (i.e. damage to an expensive piece of equipment when it is dropped; damage to a conveyor system when a forklift accidently backs into it; damage to a piece of equipment when a wrench is dropped into it, etc., etc. There is no end to things that could happen, but could be avoided) Jeff's intention was not to point fingers, but to have some concrete evidence to show the loss of revenue that could be better spent in other places (such as benefits or salary increases) After all, negligence affects the bottom line . . . and the bottome line is what determines whether you have a healthy company or one that is struggling. It all boils down to job security. Other companies that we have visited since have also expressed an interest in such tracking - is there something going around that we don't know about? Probably not, companies are just trying to stretch the dollar the best they can and cutting down on negligence is not a bad place to start. Anyway, it is possible to track negligence by using the "Job Category" field; in OOPS! it is called "Work Order Category"; in Oz it is just "Job Category." Then, it is merely a matter of running the right report to see how many jobs were due to negligence. You can get reports & graphs on downtime too.