OZ/OOPS! Newsletter

SCOOPS! Newsletter Fall, 2002


XP or Oz? or maybe Did IT do it's homework? or Is your Backup Good?

It has recently come to our attention that one OOPS! user's company got him a new machine . . . a new Windows XP machine. That's not the interesting part. People buy new machines everyday. It's "the rest of the story" that we found so interesting. It turns out that this company used tape backups to backup OOPS! Good, backups are good. Somebody was listening to all the harping we've done concerning backups. But, the tape drive wouldn't work under XP. This company then went to a third party to have the data extracted. The third party charged them $3,000.00.

Now, I ask you, what's wrong with this picture? We have been selling the single-user dedicated Oz system, the evolution to OOPS!, to OOPS! users for $3995.00 (includes high-end computer with cd burner for backups, new technology, new features, FREE data conversion), works under most network systems. But did this company even consider Oz? No, they decided to keep OOPS!*, buy an XP machine that is prone to viruses and has security problems and then they find out that their backup device won't even work with XP. Good business decision? You be the judge.

Food for Thought:
OOPS! is an 18 year old DOS system, which must be pretty good since it has survived Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, ME, 2000 and now XP. Many users have gone through all or many of these systems, yet they continue to use OOPS!, a DOS-based system. Why? Because it works! We take pride in the fact that people are still using OOPS! We are also confident that 18 years from now, people will still also be using Oz.

Oz Price Increase

Time is running out. As of September 15, 2002, Oz will no longer be sold to OOPS! users for the discounted price of $3995.00. Many users have taken advantage of this offer and have successfully moved to the Oz system. I'm pretty sure, given the chance, not one would return to OOPS! after having used Oz. If you would like a copy of "Oz Over OOPS!" which details the new features, let us know by e-mail:glvenes@attglobal.net or fax: 412 488-0190 and we will get it out to you.

Question: Why is it that the people who actually use the software, don't have any say in the decision which software to purchase?

It is not uncommon that our OOPS! users will indicate to us that they "really want Oz", but IT/Management/etc. won't let them have it because: "it's not the standard;" "it's not Windows-based;" "they purchase all of their computers from the same vendor . . . and they get better prices;" They "think it won't work with their network." None of these things has anything to do with the merits of the CMMS. These decision makers don't consider: the features, the functionality, stability, the support, the excellent price breaks.

Not too long ago, we got a call from an individual from a user company who had been given the task of finding a CMMS for their company (OOPS! had been in use in one of their plants for many years and the user was satisfied enough with it to recommend it his supervisor even though this particular plant was being closed down) They wanted a CMMS for four other sites. During the course of several telephone conversations, we answered all of their questions. This person was very positive about Oz; she indicated she had looked at some other software but Oz seemed to fit the bill and she was quite satisfied with the price. At this point we visited their site to give an onsite demo of the system, since they were within driving range. There were five persons in attendance for the demo. Again we got positive feedback because Oz could handle everything to their satisfaction and the customizability was very attractive to them. But, before a decision could be made, the IT Department had to test the software to make certain it wouldn't break anything on their network. Obviously, they had been burned by Windows software that had been installed at some point. Oz does run under the brand network that they have so at this point, we provided them with a laptop for testing purposes.

It was not until after they had had the laptop for several days that we were advised that "all software must work on their standard build" (translation: it must be Windows-based software that they can install on their own machines.). The IT department wouldn't even look at Oz. This was not only a waste of our time, but also the time of the person who had been given the task of finding a CMMS. Now she had to start all over to find another system that met IT's approval. It is my guess that they have/will purchase a much more expensive system which does not suit their needs as well as Oz would have, but it will be a Windows system. . . and apparently, that is all that really matters. This, at a time when studies show that 40% of companies are actively seeking alternatives to Windows.

It used to be the IT Department's responsibility to find the "best solution" to serve the users needs; when did this change?

The DOS OOPS! upgrade is being sent out to anyone with current support.

DOS OOPS! Training

A DOS OOPS! training class has been set. The two-day class is scheduled for September 30 - October 1, 2002 in Pittsburgh, PA.


    $660 per person with support
    $770 per person w/o support
    $600 per person if more than two people from the same company attend.

If you would like more information, call Wendy at (412) 367-6161

Oz Technical Tip
Printing customized labels in Oz is fast and easy. You can print two-up, three-up, and even BarCode labels now in Oz.

From Oz - Programs - click "Help Me"

Click the [Help Me] button. You will get a message about "Not Connected to the Internet." Click [Don't connect].

Start Netscape Communicator, then down to the "Labels" link. You will see ***How do I make a Label Form?*** - You can print out these instructions, then close Netscape and the "Help Me" system.

Try making some of your own label forms following the instructions.

OOPS! Technical Tip:
How do you copy reference sheets?

Copying reference sheets are easy because they are stand alone documents.

  1. Create your new reference sheet.
  2. At the blue text screen, press Escape
  3. This will give you a command line.
  4. You can now insert the reference sheet you want to copy. The command is INSERT "filename.REF"
  5. Press enter, and it will bring in a copy of the existing reference sheet. For example, if you wanted to copy AIRCOMP into AIRDAILY you would created AIRDAILY. Then at the blue text screen, press escape and type in INSERT "AIRCOMP.REF", press enter and the reference sheet is copied.