Here we show the Oz CMMS Parts screen.  You would use this screen to build and specify your Spare Parts Inventory.  We provide fields for Part Number, Description, Location and description of the Part.  Other fields, such as ReOrder Point, Maximum Allowed, Maximum Order Quantity specify order information. 

In Oz, Part Cost, On Hand, On Order, On Requisition and Value (On Hand x Part Cost) are automatically calculated as Parts are calculated from Inventory, Ordered, Received, etc.

As with other Oz screens, there are fields for Comments, Vendors, Where Used and Custom Fields

The information on the "Vendor" tab can (and should be) pulled in directly from the Oz Vendor Module.

Parts and Purchasing are also "tied" together as are Purchasing and Vendors.

 Oz is a fully integrated Computerized Maintenance Management system (CMMS)