Ounce of Prevention Software, a Division of Aviar, Inc.

Who Are We?

Ounce of Prevention Software is a Division of Aviar, Inc., formerly known as Peregrine Systems, (not to be confused with that other Peregrine Systems that was close to bankruptcy in the not too distant past) We have been in business for almost 30 years. The company was founded to write custom software for PCs, back in the early days when PCs were just emerging.

     OOPS!, our first CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), the forerunner of OZ, was designed and developed back in the early 1980s, has gone through several upgrades and is still used by a number of companies worldwide. New copies of OOPS! are no longer sold, although current customers, who have support contracts are still supported and occasional DOS upgrades are still put out.

      Oz. is the evolution of the OOPS! system. Aviar designed the Oz architecture using the most stable, flexible software technologies available to make Oz. the most real-world, usable computerized maintenance management system. The Oz. system is object-oriented and has a graphical-user interface. Oz. uses both "client-server" and "web" technologies. Oz is available both as a stand-alone system and as a virtual on various operating systems. Oz., as a fully integrated client-server CMMS, provides Work Orders, PM Scheduling, Inventory, Inventory/Parts, Labor, Vendors, Equipment History, Reports, Purchasing, etc. - and the integrated web technology provides web-based work request features, status inquiry features and multi-plant inquiry features.

Oz is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. 

Contact us:Telephone: OOPS! Telephone Support: 1 412 488-9730 Oz Telephone Support: 1 412 488-9730 Fax



We believe in quality, in making the best products we can.
We believe if someone finds a "bug" in our system, it is our duty to fix it.
We believe that good support makes for satisfied users.
We believe that with some software, you actually "don't get what you pay for" and this is wrong.
We believe that the needs of Maintenance Management are best served by a small, self-contained, network of Personal Computers dedicated to Maintenance and ONLY Maintenance.

We believe that if you buy software and it sits on the shelf you have wasted your money.
Our company does not cater to the common, the ordinary, those who follow the crowd, but rather those who strive for something better.
There are many CMMS packages available, we believe Oz is the very best CMMS on the market.

"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence."

- Albert Einstein

Where have we been? Where are we going? Aviar, Inc. has seen many changes since it was founded in 1983 to write custom software for PCs. For one thing, PCs had just been introduced and there were many skeptics who thought PCs would never fly. The 3.5 inch disk was introduced. Gui operating systems were introduced, Windows, OS/2, Unix. Networks were introduced. So, where are we now and where do we go from here? We had a DOS maintenance-management package, OOPS!®; Doctor OOPS!®, a trouble-shooting module; and P.S.OOPS!®, a stand-alone or add-on purchasing system module.

We feel that our DOS-based CMMS, OOPS!®, was a work of art, but we did not stop there. We developed a truly "object-oriented" CMMS; Oz is upward compatible with the OOPS!® CMMS. Nothing from OOPS!® has been lost in cyberspace in the making of Oz. Every module is completely integrated and a web-interface has also been added.  This makes Oz even more powerful.  It also give you more access without having to pay for additional licenses.  The Oz graphical-user CMMS is sold not only as a turnkey system, but also as a virtual system to run under various operating systems. This all means less hassle and more value.

: 1 412 291-2926 or 412 488-0190 Sales & Accounting: 1 800-852-8075 Sales & Accounting Fax: 1 412 488-0190

Contact us:Telephone: OOPS! Telephone Support: 1 412 488-9730 Oz Telephone Support: 1 412 488-9730 Fax Support: 1 412 291-2926 or 412 488-0190 Sales & Accounting: 1 800-852-8075 Sales & Accounting Fax: 1 412 488-0190 Telephone